Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Three Faces of Northup

Raggedy Anne

Scardey Cat Anne

Queen Anne

Queen Anne Above Kentucky

On Monday, Anne Northup skipped a disability forum. The forum, which Governor Fletcher and Billy Harper attended, was held in Frankfort. Northup could have walked three hundred yards, from her press conference to the forum, and attended. She refused.

Northup has skipped four candidate forums. Instead, she has campaigned negatively and avoided policy discussion.

Someone remind Queen Anne, we hold elections in our country, not coronations.

Voter Assails Angry Anne

I attended the Shelby County Lincoln Dinner to hear Anne Northup explain why she should be our next governor. I came away with an impression of an angry Washington insider who seems to think she is entitled to be governor simply because of who she is. The fact that Northup served Kentucky's 3rd District for 10 years deserves our respect, but it does not deserve our vote for governor. Anne Northup's campaign strategy seems to be to attack the Fletcher administration, for problems that she perceives, without offering any solutions or ideas on how a Northup administration would do anything differently. …

Northup had a distinguished congressional career, but she needs to accept that her time is over and move on gracefully with her life, instead of making unbecoming and embarrassing presentations like she made on Friday night.

Simpsonville, Ky. 40067

Anne Northup-Dean

More will endorse Queen Anne? Who cares.

Their offices and stature are irrelevant. Voters will not care about endorsements. They will not tote an endorsement’s list into the voting booth. Their care resides with the candidate’s policy. As previously stated, Anne Northup has no policy. She has one three-word talking point, which is chanted during her campaign’s daily yell practice… “Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win.”

Bunning’s pronouncements are hollow. Endorsements will not win. Anyone doubt the aforesaid? Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean. Was Dean nominated?

From Lexington Herald-Leader:

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning predicted that Kentucky’s second in command won’t be the only high-ranking Republican to throw support to an opponent of Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Republicans have been disappointed with Fletcher, especially after a hiring scandal mired his first term in office, Bunning said Tuesday. The Republican senator said that would likely lead to more endorsements of Anne Northup in the May 22 GOP primary.

Bunning wouldn’t say who might endorse Northup, only that "some very high profile Republicans" are likely to endorse the former congresswoman from Louisville in her bid to unseat Fletcher. "It is an indication of the dissatisfaction with the Fletcher administration," Bunning said. "It’s disappointment more than dissatisfaction."

Bunning’s comments came the day after Lt. Gov. Steve Pence threw his support to Northup, saying she is the better candidate and "has a real chance of winning." Pence has already refused to run for re-election with Fletcher.

Fletcher was indicted last year on charges that he illegally rewarded political supporters with protected state jobs. The indictment was dismissed in a deal with prosecutors, but the special grand jury later issued its findings in the case, saying Fletcher had approved a "widespread and coordinated plan" to skirt state hiring laws. Fletcher has maintained that the investigation was politically motivated by Attorney General Greg Stumbo, who is running for lieutenant governor on a ticket in the Democratic primary.

Runoff Repeal Dying

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

At one point, it appeared that the bill would become a way to eliminate the runoff provision that hangs over May’s gubernatorial primary. That now appears unlikely, said Rep. Mike Cherry, D-Princeton, who is ushering the bill through the House. "I would consider it much more likely that we will do runoff elimination in its own bill as opposed to tack it on to another bill," Cherry said.

Runoff repeal deserves own bill? Frankfort politicians should quit.

Quit considering runoff repeal. Play your ball as constituted.
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