Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Great Math… Dopes

Anne Northup will win. Anne Northup will win. All the blogs are saying, Anne Northup will win.

However, ask yourself this… how is someone, who couldn’t win in the congressional district with the most Republicans, going to win Republicans statewide?
Further proof available at Kentucky.com in Ryan Alessi's article entitled "OLD 5TH NO LONGER SURE THING FOR GOP"

Typing the Talk

"I’ll repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax and I’ll cut the pork barrel spending," says Billy Harper, local businessman and Republican candidate for Governor, in his new statewide media campaign.

The Harper Campaign released its sixth statewide television advertisement today. The ad, featuring a magician playing a shell game, calls for Frankfort politicians to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax and cut pork barrel spending.

The Alternative Minimum Tax was first proposed by a Democratic governor and was signed into law by the current governor. The tax is unfairly imposed on both profitable and unprofitable businesses equally. Frankfort politicians are trying to tell the people of Kentucky that they cut their taxes, yet business taxes brought in $100 million in the first quarter and create an economic climate that stunts job growth.

"Politicians in Frankfort are trying to fool you. For example, they try to call this an Alternative Minimum Calculation, but when an individual has to send more of their hard earned money to the government, that’s no calculation, that’s a tax!" said Billy Harper.

Examples of wasteful government pork barrel spending both being proposed and approved by the Governor and the Legislature are multimillion dollar state owned golf courses and luxury hotels all of which could be privatized.

Harper chaired Leadership Kentucky, an association of business leaders from across the state and has also served as chair of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. More recently, Harper brought business people, teachers, and school administrators together from across the state to help write the Harper Report on education. The report made 52 recommendations to the state that would help improve education for all Kentucky students and today nearly half of those recommendations have been put into effect throughout the state.

Harper is a professional race car driver on the American Drag Racing League. He developed a "Race for Education" program designed to improve attendance among middle school children — and it has. Every participating middle school reports that the number of children in attendance per day has increased from five percent to 50 percent. He also uses his racecar as a teaching tool during career days at the Paducah campus of the University of Kentucky Engineering School.

Please direct questions to the Harper Campaign Headquarters 270-448-0663. Please click the link to view the new ad "Shell Game."


Vast McConnell Wing Conspiracy

In case of Governor Fletcher losing, the Jefferson Review has already spun a conspiracy theory.

However, it apparently doesn't make any difference to the "bootlickers" how honest, decent or hard working Gov. Fletcher is because he not only must endure a political hack job from an Attorney General with a political agenda, but he must also endure a political hack job from the "bootlickers" under Sen. McConnell's influence. It is they that make Gov. Fletcher's job of winning the November general election against a weak and fractured Democrat party the most difficult, and it is they that will set up and orchestrate Ann Northup's primary challenge and probable defeat in November. While Northup may be well liked in Jefferson County, she was defeated in November and will be a very hard sell to grassroots Republicans and conservative Democrats (who any Republican must appeal to) in rural Kentucky.
I want to thank the Jefferson Review for saving us the trouble of having both a primary and a general election. Personally, I’ll wait until the votes are counted.

The Growing List of Dwarves and Snow Fletcher

Lexington Attorney, former Democrat, former Reform candidate, once again Democrat Gatewood Galbraith announced his intention to seek his now party’s nomination for the Governor. Given the events of the previous weeks, this announcement is neither surprising nor noteworthy. With that said, it amplifies the weakening field seeking defeat if they garner victory.

Defeat, unless of course they oppose Governor Ernie Fletcher. While the blogs are buzzing over Anne Northup’s soon to be announced candidacy and Billy Harper is spending, spending, spending… only one blog, has seen fit to announce that they are pro-Fletcher. Meanwhile, his individual supporters are stepping out of their way to ask, “Name one reason not to support Fletcher other than the merit scandal.”

We seriously need a reason besides the merit scandal? I don’t care what the Democrats did for years. I don’t care what Fletcher may or may not have cleaned up while in office, as one blog claims. The Governor disgraced his office. He was indicted for the love of Mike. We need a reason besides the scandal?

How about finding a reason to vote for him at all.
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