Thursday, March 8, 2007

Stan Pulliam: A Loser

Positive issue discussion? Politics of personal destruction? Uniting the conservative movement? Following his flight, I assumed Stan Pulliam observed the surroundings. I assumed when he did not view relentless Nike advertising and NBA players being arrested, he realized this was not O-re-gon. This was Kentucky.

Politics is no pink tea. Politics is conflict. Pansies and ideologues should abstain. Politics greatest candidates and operatives were smart and hungry. They had no feelings. They won, they lost, they continued fighting. They were not Molly Coddles. Principles did not blind them.

The inevitable question… Do I support Governor Fletcher, Billy Harper, or Anne Northup? They are all jackasses. Governor Fletcher is unethical and spineless. Anne Northup is an ambiguous career politician. Obviously, Billy Harper is politically incompetent.

Despite Harper’s business success, I must question his acumen. Harper should fire Pulliam. Pulliam must have sold himself as Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and Dick Wadhams. Pulliam is a wannabe. His candidate has thirteen percent. Pulliam’s optimism does not advance the public discourse. Pulliam’s optimism impedes winning.

Anne Northup’s Miseducation

Yesterday, Anne Northup released her education policy. The document was ridiculed with grammatical errors and spelling inaccuracies. Thankfully, LG candidate Jeff Hoover taught math. If he were an English teacher, trouble would be imminent.

Kentucky had been clamoring for Northup policy. We assumed her policy was coherent. Her endeavor befits a marginal first grader. Kentucky requires a governor who can spell. Grammar is also important. Our leader should know the difference between affect and effect.

The Northup campaign is amateur. Anyone who disbelieves the aforesaid is irrational. Let us state the truth. Education is important. If for no other reason, then one learns proper sentence structure.

Anne Northup’s Education Policy (Edited)
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