Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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Good News… She’s Only Losing

From Blue Grass, Red State:

After hearing obviously bogus reports of a poll that shows Fletcher up 22 points on Anne Northup, I decided to go another source of information, a Northup campaign insider. This is what I found out:

They did do internal polling.

They will not release the poll because it would give the Fletcher campaign too much information.

They are not being beaten by anyone by 22 points.

They are down by about 5 points.

That paints quite a different picture than the one that other guy did for you last week, doesn't it? Well, this one is true. It makes much more sense, considering Northup's television blitz.

So, keep on keeping on Northup supporters! She can definitely gain 5 points in three weeks if we keep working! That other poll was probably a survey of one county or something.

These are the facts… Anne Northup is not losing huge. She is merely losing. This picture is different. Last week, Fletcher said Northup is losing huge. She is not. She is only losing. Everyone must know this. She is ONLY losing.

Derek Combs (Blogging Between the Lines)

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Lexington, Kentucky

Today I join Senator Bunning, Steve Pence and many others around the Commonwealth! I proudly and enthusiastically announce that I am endorsing Anne Northup for the Republican Nomination for Governor. Over the last several years I have watched the current administration bumble, stumble and fall.

(Today, I joined Senator Bunning, Steve Pence, and many others in renouncing my mind. I proudly and enthusiastically announce I support someone with one three word talking point. I am not deterred by her campaign, which has bumbled, stumbled, and fallen repeatedly)

I watched the Governor make numerous puzzling decisions in politics, taxes, and policy. In the early days of this administration, I have observed this Governor go after the teachers health care. In a Commonwealth that proclaims "Education Pays", I couldn't help but wonder why the current Governor would go back on his campaign promise and attack hard working teachers' health care. There are teachers in the Governor's home county of Montgomery, that have cried out to me about the hardships of those original policies. Fortunately, the teachers brought enough pressure to make the Governor change his mind and position.

(I have watched Anne make several puzzling mistakes in her campaign. Her education report was uneducated. Fortunately, Kentucky Steele was there correcting her.)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

I was dumbfounded that the first Republican Governor in 30 years, would raise taxes on small business. This Tax was a Mill Stone tied around the necks of small businesses of Kentucky. This tax had the effect of strangling the Entrepreunerial Spirit, which is the backbone of the Republican Party. This TAX caused Kentucky to fall behind it's surrounding states. Kentucky's job growth and business friendliness have been adversely compromised.

(I was dumbfounded when the Kentucky Club for Growth revealed the truth concerning Northup.)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

Governor Fletcher announced continually and proudly that over 61% of his political appointees are registered Democrats. Many of these appointees are still involved with the leadership of the democrat party. Many of these appointees are holdovers from past Democrat administrations. This is ridiculous for a Republican Governor! For those who support Governor Fletcher and believe that he has appointed bad people, remember . . . The Governor is the man that made these judgments.

(Governor Fletcher should fire all Democrats. However, he tried this and was branded unethical. Congresswoman Northup would have continued acting unethically. Why did Governor Fletcher stop?)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

Governor Anne Northup is Kentucky's best choice! (For failure in November)

Derek L. Combs
Chairman Emeritus
Montgomery County Republican Party State
Chairman Emeritus Kentucky
Young Republican Federation
Chairman Emeritus
6th District
KY Young Republican Federation

Rx for Corruption

Governor Fletcher and Congresswoman Northup are politicians. The assumption is their policy is purchased. Previously, this assumption concerned state contracts, not substantive legislation such as healthcare. Unfortunately, the aforesaid is now untrue.

From the Kentucky Post:

Until this campaign season, Dr. Phillip Aaron had never given money in a governor's race. But the Adair County family physician said he would really like to see Gov. Ernie Fletcher re-elected. So much so that he contributed $250 to help with campaign costs. Doctors have become a force in Kentucky politics, providing from their ranks two candidates for governor and one for lieutenant governor, and lavishing them with cash.

So far this campaign season, they have made some 350 contributions worth more than $200,000 to Kentucky gubernatorial candidates who will appear on the ballot in the May 22 primary, according to records from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. Marty White, head of government relations for the Kentucky Medical Association, said physicians have traditionally been involved in the political process, and that their influence seems to be growing in the state.

"I think overall, physicians are becoming more in tune with just what impact public officials can have on the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care in Kentucky," White said. "Health care is a major, major issue for all Kentuckians and all Americans, and physicians probably understand that more than most. It makes sense for physicians to be engaged in the process.”

Like Aaron, most of the physicians who have contributed during this gubernatorial election cycle have given to Fletcher. He has received some 200 contributions worth $108,000. Fletcher's opponents this time around haven't fared as well, at least not yet, according to campaign finance records. Republican challenger Anne Northup received 63 contributions totaling $45,700, and the GOP's Billy Harper received donations from three physicians totaling $1,500.

On the Democratic side, physicians split their contributions among five candidates. Former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, a Louisville physician, has received 34 contributions totaling $27,000 from doctors. Former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear, who has a physician, state Sen. Daniel Mongiardo of Hazard, as a running mate, received 37 contributions totaling $53,000.

Democratic contender Jonathan Miller, the current state treasurer, received 34 contributions totaling $16,800. Other non-doctor candidates didn't fare as well when it came to campaign contributions from physicians. Speaker of the House Jody Richards got $3,900 from eight physicians. Louisville businessman Bruce Lunsford had $3,000 in contributions from three physicians. Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith and Harlan County demolition contractor Otis Hensley received none.

Doctors support candidates who know the importance of improving health care, said Fletcher campaign manager Marty Ryall. Fletcher has used the governor's office to push preventive care programs, to encourage sharing of medical records electronically, and to shore up the state's financially troubled Medicaid program for the poor and elderly. "Physicians from across the commonwealth are supporting his re-election campaign because they know that Governor Fletcher, as a fellow physician, is making improving health care a top priority," Ryall said.

Aaron said he wants to support a candidate who is concerned about the Medicaid patients he sees in his practice. "When I talk to Ernie Fletcher, he talks to me about the poor," Aaron said. "We have to take care of our poor people."

The governor also pushed unsuccessfully for a measure that would have appropriated money to provide vaccines against the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer. Aaron, a Republican, called that a bold move on Fletcher's part, one that could have had political repercussions. "We need leaders to be leaders," Aaron said. "So many politicians won't come out in support of anything."

In Kentucky's last legislative session, White said the state medical association monitored more than 300 bills that could have affected health care. That, White said, is why physicians want to be part of the process, and that's why they're providing financial backing for doctors who enter politics. "I think for the most part, physicians respect other physicians and believe their brethren have a good understanding of the importance of a strong medical community in Kentucky."

Blatant Immaturity

Their actions are infantile. Their behavior is childish. Yet, we should support their candidates? They reflect their candidates.

From Blue Grass, Red State:

I can't believe those guys at the Fletcher campaign, that one guy, or immature Louisville College Republicans, or whoever registered http://bluegrassredstate.com and pointed it to the Fletcher campaign site.

That's really stupid. It's just more evidence of how the Fletcher people like to stifle and frustrate free speech. Clearly, it doesn't actually stop me from speaking, but it does interfere with search results, therefore pulling traffic away from this site which is not supporting Fletcher in this primary election.

It's also just another reason why I will not vote for Ernie Fletcher in November of 2007 if he wins this primary election. It doesn't really matter all that much, though, because I'm shutting this site down anyway.

UPDATE: It is registered by Domains by Proxy, the same people who registered www.northuphoover.com for that one guy.

Jefferson Review Questions Northup

In 1994 Anne Northup helped draft and then cosponsored HB 366. HB 366 was a 95 page mandated health plan that would require every Kentucky resident to show proof of health insurance before paying Kentucky taxes each year under penalty of fine!

This bill would have required Kentucky taxpayers to guarantee the financial success of the health insurance company whose basic health plan they would be forced to purchase under penalty of fine.

HB 366 also created financial incentives to replace malpractice jury trials with binding arbitration. This far reaching 95 page bill devoted 20 pages to replacing tobacco with an alternative crop and even created regulations and fines for riding a bicycle.

Does Mrs. Northup believe that an ordinary House Bill is a legitimate mechanism for effecting such a paradigm shift?

Mrs. Northup has been a strong supporter of free trade agreements.

How does Mrs. Northup define "Free Trade" and "Global Competition"? Does she define "Global Competition" as changing our identity? Europe, Japan and Canada have "Universal Health Care" and limited access to jury trials. If Mrs. Northup's "Mandated Health Plan" had become law.... Kentucky, like Europe and Japan would have had universal health care and limited access to jury trials. Most Americans do not define giving up their identity and joining the other team as competition!

Does Mrs. Northup believe that Kentucky must have limited access to jury trials and a subsidized health industrial complex in order to compete successfully in a global economy?

Europe and Japan subsidize their health care system, but they also subsidize other key industries using tax dollars to purchase capital equipment and retrain employees . Europe and Japan also have the highest individual savings rates in the industrial world because of their high consumption taxes.[Please note Kentucky is now using our tax dollars to retrain Ford manufacturing employees]
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