Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Derek Combs (Blogging Between the Lines)

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Lexington, Kentucky

Today I join Senator Bunning, Steve Pence and many others around the Commonwealth! I proudly and enthusiastically announce that I am endorsing Anne Northup for the Republican Nomination for Governor. Over the last several years I have watched the current administration bumble, stumble and fall.

(Today, I joined Senator Bunning, Steve Pence, and many others in renouncing my mind. I proudly and enthusiastically announce I support someone with one three word talking point. I am not deterred by her campaign, which has bumbled, stumbled, and fallen repeatedly)

I watched the Governor make numerous puzzling decisions in politics, taxes, and policy. In the early days of this administration, I have observed this Governor go after the teachers health care. In a Commonwealth that proclaims "Education Pays", I couldn't help but wonder why the current Governor would go back on his campaign promise and attack hard working teachers' health care. There are teachers in the Governor's home county of Montgomery, that have cried out to me about the hardships of those original policies. Fortunately, the teachers brought enough pressure to make the Governor change his mind and position.

(I have watched Anne make several puzzling mistakes in her campaign. Her education report was uneducated. Fortunately, Kentucky Steele was there correcting her.)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

I was dumbfounded that the first Republican Governor in 30 years, would raise taxes on small business. This Tax was a Mill Stone tied around the necks of small businesses of Kentucky. This tax had the effect of strangling the Entrepreunerial Spirit, which is the backbone of the Republican Party. This TAX caused Kentucky to fall behind it's surrounding states. Kentucky's job growth and business friendliness have been adversely compromised.

(I was dumbfounded when the Kentucky Club for Growth revealed the truth concerning Northup.)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

Governor Fletcher announced continually and proudly that over 61% of his political appointees are registered Democrats. Many of these appointees are still involved with the leadership of the democrat party. Many of these appointees are holdovers from past Democrat administrations. This is ridiculous for a Republican Governor! For those who support Governor Fletcher and believe that he has appointed bad people, remember . . . The Governor is the man that made these judgments.

(Governor Fletcher should fire all Democrats. However, he tried this and was branded unethical. Congresswoman Northup would have continued acting unethically. Why did Governor Fletcher stop?)

Kentucky Deserves Better! (Than Anne Northup)

Governor Anne Northup is Kentucky's best choice! (For failure in November)

Derek L. Combs
Chairman Emeritus
Montgomery County Republican Party State
Chairman Emeritus Kentucky
Young Republican Federation
Chairman Emeritus
6th District
KY Young Republican Federation

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