Saturday, May 19, 2007

Conservative Musings Leans Harper

Well, I have to say that I am now leaning a little towards Harper in the Kentucky governor's race, but that is not a certainty. I have to admit I haven't been following the governor's race very closely. I knew I didn't want Fletcher because of his ethical baggage. Harper was reputed to be conservative but was little known. So, I just kind of assumed I would vote for Northup. She did a decent job as my representative to the U.S. Congress, although I thought she voted for too much pork.

Then came the odd thing about the campaign signs and the questions that she didn't answer from the Courier-Journal. I began to get concerned about her. And then when she finally did answer the questions, some of her responses made me wonder about her leadership ability.

Her gambling responses were tepid. "...the governor has no control over constitutional amendments," she wrote. Come on, Anne, lead! If you really do oppose gambling, say you will work to prevent the passage of such an amendment! She did a better job on some of the other questions, especially in education. I think she should have left off the potshots against Fletcher, though, and been more positive in her responses.

I like many of Harper's positions and he articulates them well. It's a shame he is not very well known, I think he would do a better job as governor than either Fletcher or Northup or any Democrat currently running. If I vote for him, though, I may as well vote for Fletcher. Sigh.

Bill Bryant’s Political Truisms

*Nobody really knows who is going to win. The voting machines are all set on zero… If not we have a big problem!

*Most people won’t vote. Campaigns are pulling hair trying to figure out a turnout model. The Secretary of State predicts about a 15% turnout. That would mean more than 8 out of 10 registered voters will do something else besides vote on Tuesday. (How many will tell their employers that they need time to vote and will end up elsewhere?)

*Most officials want this settled on Tuesday. Counties are ill prepared financially and from a manpower standpoint for a June 26th runoff. County Clerks have sweet dreams at night about both parties having a nominee with more than 40% of the vote…. And they have nightmares about the logistics of a runoff.

*Some voters are STILL undecided and many of them WILL vote. It seems in my nearly 30 years of covering elections that those who decide this late often break toward percieved favorites. BUT any last minute developments could also sway votes.

*Political Stars will rise from Tuesday’s vote. There will be some candidates nominated who are playing on the statewide stage for the first time and some may be around for many years to come.

*Candidates are anxious. I’ve seen even seasoned political candidates begin to wonder if even their spouse or mother will vote for them as the time approaches.

*Some don’t expect to win. Most candidates say they do anyway and will go through the motions to the bitter end. But we’ve found humor in at least one candidate’s response to a request for his picture to be used in our Election Night coverage. He told our producer “Why do you want a picture of me? I’m not going to win.” That’s candor if not confidence.

With Democrats Like These…

Governor Fletcher cannot defeat the Democrats? Governor Fletcher is cuddling the Democrats.

From On the Mark:

They haven't endorsed the republican governor's reelection campaign but Sen. Ed Worley (D) Richmond and Rep. Harry Moberly (D) Richmond, both spoke at a Fletcher/Rudolph campaign rally in Madison County on Thursday. Worley is the democratic party's leader in the state senate, Moberly is the powerful chairman of the Appropriations and Revenue committee in the state house of representatives.

On the Right Begging For Votes

Kentucky Republicans have an opportunity next Tuesday to start the process of restoring ethics and integrity to the office of Governor and Lt. Governor by voting for the Northup/Hoover ticket! Both candidates have the political and practical life experience needed to move our Beloved Commonwealth forward!

Kentucky Republicans must ensure that our party's standard bearer can be elected this November. The Democrats would love nothing better than to spend June through election day dragging the current Governor's problems through all 120 counties.

As Anne Northup said in her announcement: "Our party needs a nominee who can and will win in November. I can win this election because I have the vision, the leadership ability, and the resolve to help make this state all that it can be. To make it competitive with our surrounding states. To grow the economy, improve our education, and create good paying jobs. To make Kentucky a great place to raise a family — a place that those in other states will seek out to live and work. I have such enthusiasm for the task at hand. Our states potential is so great, but lacking strong leadership, it will always remain unrealized."

" Jeff Hoover and I are committed to the belief that strong leaders do not isolate themselves, refusing to listen to new ideas, refusing to build coalitions and consensus. Strong leaders seek out new ideas, and look to involve as many people as possible in the pursuit of a shared vision. Strong leaders have the ability and confidence to admit mistakes, and to take immediate corrective action. Jeff Hoover and I will listen. Jeff Hoover and I can build the coalitions that will get things done for Kentucky. And Jeff Hoover and I will bring the openness and honesty to state government that Kentuckians were promised four years ago."

Governor Fletcher's approval ratings are so low among Republicans and Democrats that he stands no chance of winning in November. If Ernie Fletcher thinks Anne is a bully and is a negative campaigner "he ain't seen nothing yet"!

The Democratic nominee will run continuous TV and radio ads about the merit hiring investigation, the multiple indictments ( including the Governor), the abuse of the executive pardoning power and the Governor's invoking of the 5th Amendment,like a common criminal, and his refusal to testify before the Grand Jury!

Give our party and the Commonwealth a real chance to win in November by voting for Northup/Hoover! I am very proud to be a Northup/Hoover supporter and to endorse their candidacy.

Fletcher Not Learning From Northup

Campbell County Judge-executive Steve Pendery, a Fort Thomas Republican, is making automated phone calls to voters on behalf of GOP gubernatorial candidate Ernie Fletcher. Here is a transcript taken by one of our reporters who received the call.

Hello, this is Campbell County Judge-executive Steve Pendery calling to remind you that this Tuesday is Election Day. Please join me in voting for Governor Ernie Fletcher in the Republican primary. Governor Fletcher has kept his promises to Campbell County and to Northern Kentucky by investing more than $1 billion in our area. One billion dollars for education and improving our roads. He has improved health care and created thousands of new jobs. Please join me in voting for Governor Fletcher on Tuesday. This call is paid for by the Friends of Governor Fletcher.

The Blue Grass, Red State Corkscrew

Politics requires spin. Discrediting messengers is essential. However, this is ridiculous….

Kentuckians overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but in 2004 Bob Barr spoke out against such amendments.

NEWSWEEK: You authored the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, but you’ve come out against an amendment to the constitution banning same-sex marriage. Why is that?

Bob Barr: Because I believe very strongly in federalism and that is that the federal government should not be stepping in and dictating social policy to the states. The Defense of Marriage Act was crafted very narrowly. Despite very strong pressure to make it a proactive piece of legislation, I crafted it very narrowly simply to define marriage for federal-law purposes and to make sure that states were protected to make up their own mind. And I continue to believe that that is the best policy.

Also, the Lou C-J's editorial on "Fletcher's odd bedfellow" Bob Barr was right on. In the piece, Barr was quoted as saying, "I could no longer justify in my mind continuing to work in the Republican Party."

By working for Ernie Fletcher, Bob Barr is definitely working against the Republican Party!

The editorial stated in part:

Why is Bob Barr suddenly in the middle of Kentucky's Republican gubernatorial politics? We thought Georgia Republicans had gotten rid of him in 2002, when they chose a different congressional candidate in their primary.

But now Mr. Barr has turned up here, in so-called "Robo calls" to rural Republicans, paid for by Ernie Fletcher's campaign. Mr. Barr and Dr. Fletcher want you to know that former Congresswoman Anne Northup once voted against school prayer. They are not mentioning the many times she voted for it.

But more interesting than yet another distortion during campaign season is this: Why would Gov. Fletcher choose Mr. Barr to speak for him?

Good question, C-J.

He also lobbies for the Marijuana Policy Project, which works toward another Libertarian goal: "Repeal all laws establishing criminal or civil penalties for the use of drugs."

Well, some of those things sound okay to proud, card-carrying liberals like us. But of all the people in the world, is this the guy Gov. Fletcher really wants as a front man?

Neither Ernie Fletcher nor Bob Barr represent mainstream Kentucky.
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