Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Version of Her Three Little Words

Why is Jeff Hoover running? Who cares.

Why is Anne Northup running? (Everyone now)… “Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win.”

From Pol Watchers:

Anne Northup is ready to go with her second television ad in her Republican campaign for governor. The new ad is called "Running," and tells why she and her running mate, House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown, are in the May 22 Republican primary election against Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Paducah businessman Billy Harper.

An Initiative… For the Education Governor

From the Kentucky Post:

Northern Kentucky University has launched a special scholarship program intended to make it financially possible for virtually all graduates of Newport and Holmes high schools to attend NKU. The new Holmes/Newport scholarships of up to $3,000 a year, when combined with federal and state grants, should cover the cost of NKU's annual $5,900 tuition in almost all cases, NKU officials said.

"This is about hopes and aspirations and opportunities," said NKU President James Votruba. "We want to make it possible for every qualified student in Newport and Covington to be able to go to college no matter what their financial circumstances. "My guess is that over the next few days there will be young people who never thought about going to college because they figured they couldn't afford it who will all of a sudden realize they can afford it."

Votruba said NKU will guarantee Newport and Holmes graduates up to $3,000 a year in tuition help, for four years, based on need, after the students have taken advantage of all the other financial aid they're eligible for. "Our financial aid office will calculate the difference and we will make up that difference up to $3,000 a year," he said. "In most cases, when students combine federal and state grants with this new program, they will find that their entire tuition costs are covered."

The new scholarships will be funded initially by NKU reallocating some of its current financial aid money. In the future, the school anticipates seeking private funding to support the program. "We don't know how many students this scholarship will attract," said Votruba. "We don't think it will be real large this first year. But we want to get started so the numbers do get large. Wouldn't it be a great problem if in three or four years we're sitting around saying, 'We can't handle this. There's too many. Where are we going to find the money?'"

To qualify for a Holmes/Newport scholarship, students must: Be federal Pell grant eligible. Be a graduate of Holmes or Newport high schools. Be a first-time college freshman. Submit an application for admission by May 15, 2007, or by March 1 in subsequent years. Be accepted to NKU. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form by May 15, 2007, or by March 1 in subsequent years.

Students must maintain a 2.5 college grade average, attend NKU full-time and remain Pell grant eligible to renew the scholarship each year. NKU is collaborating on the new scholarship program with Strive, a group of community organizations promoting education, and with the Northern Kentucky Council of Partners in Education and the Covington and Newport school systems. "This is part of our effort to help the urban core, including our schools," said Votruba. "You can't revitalize the urban core without revitalizing the schools."

Too many young people don't even consider college because they think the cost is so far beyond them, he said. "We want to create a sense of hope among these students and we think this scholarship is a good way to do it," Votruba said.

Imagine, allowing all graduates to attend college. You would assume “the education governor” champions this. Mr. Fletcher, why the silence?
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