Saturday, May 19, 2007

On the Right Begging For Votes

Kentucky Republicans have an opportunity next Tuesday to start the process of restoring ethics and integrity to the office of Governor and Lt. Governor by voting for the Northup/Hoover ticket! Both candidates have the political and practical life experience needed to move our Beloved Commonwealth forward!

Kentucky Republicans must ensure that our party's standard bearer can be elected this November. The Democrats would love nothing better than to spend June through election day dragging the current Governor's problems through all 120 counties.

As Anne Northup said in her announcement: "Our party needs a nominee who can and will win in November. I can win this election because I have the vision, the leadership ability, and the resolve to help make this state all that it can be. To make it competitive with our surrounding states. To grow the economy, improve our education, and create good paying jobs. To make Kentucky a great place to raise a family — a place that those in other states will seek out to live and work. I have such enthusiasm for the task at hand. Our states potential is so great, but lacking strong leadership, it will always remain unrealized."

" Jeff Hoover and I are committed to the belief that strong leaders do not isolate themselves, refusing to listen to new ideas, refusing to build coalitions and consensus. Strong leaders seek out new ideas, and look to involve as many people as possible in the pursuit of a shared vision. Strong leaders have the ability and confidence to admit mistakes, and to take immediate corrective action. Jeff Hoover and I will listen. Jeff Hoover and I can build the coalitions that will get things done for Kentucky. And Jeff Hoover and I will bring the openness and honesty to state government that Kentuckians were promised four years ago."

Governor Fletcher's approval ratings are so low among Republicans and Democrats that he stands no chance of winning in November. If Ernie Fletcher thinks Anne is a bully and is a negative campaigner "he ain't seen nothing yet"!

The Democratic nominee will run continuous TV and radio ads about the merit hiring investigation, the multiple indictments ( including the Governor), the abuse of the executive pardoning power and the Governor's invoking of the 5th Amendment,like a common criminal, and his refusal to testify before the Grand Jury!

Give our party and the Commonwealth a real chance to win in November by voting for Northup/Hoover! I am very proud to be a Northup/Hoover supporter and to endorse their candidacy.

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