Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vast McConnell Wing Conspiracy

In case of Governor Fletcher losing, the Jefferson Review has already spun a conspiracy theory.

However, it apparently doesn't make any difference to the "bootlickers" how honest, decent or hard working Gov. Fletcher is because he not only must endure a political hack job from an Attorney General with a political agenda, but he must also endure a political hack job from the "bootlickers" under Sen. McConnell's influence. It is they that make Gov. Fletcher's job of winning the November general election against a weak and fractured Democrat party the most difficult, and it is they that will set up and orchestrate Ann Northup's primary challenge and probable defeat in November. While Northup may be well liked in Jefferson County, she was defeated in November and will be a very hard sell to grassroots Republicans and conservative Democrats (who any Republican must appeal to) in rural Kentucky.
I want to thank the Jefferson Review for saving us the trouble of having both a primary and a general election. Personally, I’ll wait until the votes are counted.

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