Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Great Math… Dopes

Anne Northup will win. Anne Northup will win. All the blogs are saying, Anne Northup will win.

However, ask yourself this… how is someone, who couldn’t win in the congressional district with the most Republicans, going to win Republicans statewide?
Further proof available at Kentucky.com in Ryan Alessi's article entitled "OLD 5TH NO LONGER SURE THING FOR GOP"


jefferson poole said...
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jefferson poole said...

As of November 7, 2006, the 3rd Congressional District ranked 5th in registered Republicans.

Jefferson County specifically does lead every other county in the state in Republican registration as well as population.

To say that the 3CD is Yarmuth Land is incredibly intelectually dishonest, since Northup had 116,000 people vote for her on 11/7/06, most of whom will vote for her at least once in 2007, and many of whom are registered Democrats.

The other good news is that 77% of the 3CD's registered Republicans total (votes as percentage of registered R's) voted for Anne, while only about 46% of the 3CD's registered Democrats total voted for Yarmuth.

TonyP said...

No...ask yourself can Fletcher win in November? Wih approval ratings hovering near 30% for a year, answer is clearly no.

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