Friday, January 26, 2007

Liberal Left Loves Fletcher

From Blue Grass, Red State:

MyDD is one of the most liberal blogs out there, with very close connections to Daily Kos, famous recently for its staunch support of kook Ned Lamont over the reasonable Democrat Joe Lieberman.

The guy in the picture was instrumental in creating/implementing a "Google-bombing" scheme by which bloggers could manipulate the Google search engine in order to make it generate anti-Republican web pages at the top (most relevant portion) of its search results. Notice the "Ned Lamont" sticker the guy is wearing. He is a blogger at MyDD and sometimes Daily Kos. Additionally, the guy in the picture, Chris Bowers, is a resident of Philadelphia and a member of the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee. A recent entry on MyDD written by "kynetroots" encourages Google-bomb action against Northup. It reads:

Its important that the Netroots act now and support efforts that Kentucky activists (even some Conservative Republicans who support Fletcher) are taking (emphasis mine) to ensure that Northup does not build too much strength from defeating the corrupt Governor and cementing her image as a corruption free candidate. This is why we must join together to help the Google-bombing campaign against Northup, and now her running mate Jeff Hoover, that was started by Chris Bowers before the 2006 election.

Bowers may or may not personally be behind the current Google-bombing "campaign," but he certainly worked against Northup in '06, when he posted Google-bomb source code on MyDD for people to embed in their blog source code. The code is essentially a list of junk "news articles" written by liberal "journalists." Now "kynetroots" is on it. Could this be the work of Mark Nickolas? Bluegrass Report is MyDD's official Kentucky state blog. Someone in the Fletcher administration? We may never know for sure, but someone is taking desperate and manipulatory measures to keep Northup/Hoover from winning the Republican primary.

What we do know, however, is that KY Democrats would prefer to run against Fletcher over Northup/Hoover in 2007 and that Democrats from all over the country are participating in the campaign to make that happen. They want Fletcher to win the May Republican primary because they know they can capitalize on their '06 momentum and Fletcher's political problems to take back the governorship. I'm afraid some Republicans have their heads in the sand on this one. If Fletcher is so electable, why are liberals supporting him? Hat tip to abortion-supporter Majikthise for the photo of Comrade Bowers.

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