Saturday, February 24, 2007

Brett Hall Compliments Harper, Questions Fletcher & Northup

Republicans and Democrats these days find themselves engaged in contentious primaries, up and down the ballot.

Before things get out of hand, best advice both parties can follow is to get a grip and think long and hard before going nuclear.

Democrat state party leader Jerry Lundergan got all seven of his party’s gubernatorial campaigns to sign the equivalent of a Ronald Reagan 11th Commandment. Nice work.

Time will tell if it works, but at least everyone’s on notice that they understand the consequences of their actions, IF they do choose to load their guns with live ammo.

On the GOP side, Anne Northup is trying to find 50 ways to say “Ernie can’t win.” The ex-congresswoman from Louisville got a tepid response from party faithful at last week's Franklin County Lincoln Day Dinner as she delivered this message.

Meanwhile, the incumbent governor travels the Great Commonwealth announcing highway projects and cutting ribbons on new projects with the energy of a happy warrior. Fletcher’s apparent strategy is to good naturedly confront his opponents with his record of accomplishment and a challenge for them to propose something better.

Only Billy Harper has stepped forward to offer something, a plan to improve public schools by spending more money with corresponding accountability on the part of educators. Revolutionary? Maybe not, but Harper has his sincerity going for him. Something voters tend to favor over glibness and in-your-face posturing.


jefferson poole said...

I don't really understand this. If you want Fletcher to get the nomination, vote for Harper. Otherwise, I hope you vote for Northup/Hoover when Harper pulls out.

kyconservative said...

Brett Hall's website will never be taken seriously until he allows people to comment on what he says. Otherwise, it isn't a conversation, it's just bloviating.
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