Friday, February 16, 2007

Conservative Edge: Have You Lost Your Mind?

Democratic merit hiring farce continues: Richards, others prove they don't care about Democratic abuse of power

Assume for a moment that every allegation made against Governor Fletcher by Attorney General Greg Stumbo was true. That the Governor ran a corrupt criminal organization out of his office, that he committed criminal abuse of the merit hiring system and that he attempted to fire innocent merit system employees.

Wouldn't you have to conclude that Greg Stumbo abused the office of Attorney General when he completely exonerated the Governor by dismissing all criminal charges with prejudice, after having spent millions of taxpayer dollars investigating the Governor? And that the exoneration came only after it was determined that Stumbo couldn't run for Governor if his office were prosecuting Fletcher.

Or, assume that none of the allegations against Governor Fletcher were true. That his LINK program was ethical and legal. That he had a right to fire merit system employees who were using their taxpayer funded jobs to undermine the popularly elected Governor for partisan political advantage.

Wouldn't you have to conclude that Greg Stumbo abused his powers as Attorney General by wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a purely partisan political prosecution? Designed to help Stumbo beat Fletcher in the gubernatorial election?

Regardless of what you think Fletcher has done, good or bad, you would have to conclude that Greg Stumbo abused the powers of the office of Attorney General. Yet, the House of Representatives passed a transparent, partisan, politically motivated bill that would limit the pardon powers of the Governor. But failed to in any way, address the abuse of the office of Attorney General.

Today's action sent a clear message to the citizens of Kentucky, that the Democrats in Frankfort don't care when other Democrats abuse the power of their office. It also sent a clear message that it's politics as usual. Frankly, it's a disgrace to gubernatorial candidate and House Speaker, Jody Richards. I expected more from Richards. These are not the qualities of a Governor of Kentucky.

Hoover and Williams should take action, even if only symbolic

As we noted in the previous post, that no matter what you think Governor Fletcher has done, that the logical conclusion is that Greg Stumbo abused the powers of the office of Attorney General. For that reason, I am asking House Minority Leader and current Lt. Gov. candidate Jeff Hoover, and Senate President David Williams to offer a resolution condemning Attorney General Greg Stumbo for abusing the office of the Attorney General, even if the action is only symbolic. In fact, we'd ask both Republican leaders to consult legal counsel on drafting language for a constitutional amendment that would prevent future AG's from abusing their prosecution powers. The citizens of Kentucky deserve to have all office holders held accountable.

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