Friday, February 23, 2007

Correcting Cyber Hillbilly

As for his reelection campaign, he’s raked in millions, has an effective running mate at his side, and, at last count, has garnered the endorsements of at least 18 County Judge Executives in vitally important Eastern and South Central Kentucky. His top opponent has, thus far, kept the gloves on and resisted calls to hit hard.

To top it all off, in terms of delivery, he’s made two very important speeches, one to activists, the other a televised address to the General Assembly viewed by thousands of Kentucky voters. In sum, the Guv’s on a roll; which is why his latest Survey USA numbers have to come as a terrible disappointment to Team Fletcher. In spite of all his recent successes, the Governor still receives only 36% approval rating. While he did manage to climb to 50% approval rating among Republicans, only 25% of Democrats, still a substantial majority of the voters in this state, said they approved of the Governor’s job.

In terms of ethnicity, as Osi Speaks pointed out, the Governor received only 18% of black voters’ approval while only 37% of all whites voiced approval. I’m sure someone will try to spin these numbers in a positive way, but the folks who doubt Northup’s contention that this Governor- in spite of the fact that he is a good man- just can’t be reelected, are beginning to look like the proverbial boy who was convinced that there was a pony in there somewhere.

Their headline? “Latest Poll Reiterates Northup-Hoover's Key Message: Governor Can't be Reelected”

The aforementioned is not their key message. The aforementioned is their only message. The Northup-Hoover campaign does not have talking points. They have chant practice every day. “Fletcher cant win, Fletcher cant win…”

Voters want more.

Just noticed... in December the SurveyUSA poll showed that the Governor had the support of 41% of pro-life voters. This month, following Bunning's endorsement of Northup at a pro-life function, the numbers slipped to 37%. Anyone have any ideas about this?

Four percent fewer pro-life voters are supporting Fletcher. However, they have not said they are supporting Northup. Talk about your worthless stat.

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