Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fiscal Gunslinger

From the Conservative Edge: provides this link to the Governor's speech today:

Governor Fletcher is proposing some major expendatures with the $401 million projected surplus. But more impressively, while he plans to put $50 million much needed dollars toward the state's ailing pension fund, he proposes taking $150 million dollars of the surplus and depositing it into the state's reserve trust fund. This deposit would bring the account balance to $386 million dollars - the most in Kentucky history.

While you may not agree with everything that Fletcher has done, nor all of his spending initiatives which also include money to upgrade Kentucky Horse Park for the upcoming Equestrian games and most importantly well over $30 million in additional money for the education system, Fletcher has acted as a true fiscal conservative. He has managed the state's money aptly, and no one can dispute this fact.

I hope he'll promise to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax that is negatively effecting small businesses - but for the most part I am pleased with his overall management of the Commonwealth's check book. To my point about EF being the most fiscally conservative Governor in America - is anyone else talking about saving money on this scale? To put nearly half of a surplus into "savings" and then still be able to doll out funds for government projects is unheard of in this day and age. Like him or not, he's truly making conservative moves with the states budget.

A true fiscal conservative? The Governor has supported shrimp farms. He instituted the Alternative Minimum Tax. During his administration, dogs received stationary.

Fletcher is America’s most fiscally conservative Governor? And Rex Grossman is the NFL’s best quarterback?

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