Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Biting Legislation

Need for more senior judge funds by 2014 predicted

In response to growing skepticism about the cost of the senior status judge program, the agency that oversees the retirement fund for judges has released an actuarial analysis estimating that the program will need additional funding in 2014.

This program is gobbling funds. Governor Fletcher should abolish this.

House removes salary incentives from teacher bills

After strong resistance from a group of Kentucky teachers opposed to preferential teacher rewards, legislators introduced changes to two bills Wednesday that would do away with the teacher pay incentives proposed in the bills. Senate Bills 1 and 2 would give bonuses to teachers whose students score high on Advanced Placement exams in science and math and provide stipends to certain math and science teachers. The Senate previously approved the bills, but the House has not acted on them.

How dare we reward teachers for excelling.

Bill banning domestic-partner benefits fails in committee

A measure that would have banned government-related entities from offering domestic-partner health benefits failed in the House Health and Welfare Committee today. Senate Bill 152 needed nine votes to pass the committee, but received only eight. Eight other lawmakers voted against the measure and one, Democratic Rep. Ancel Smith of Leburn, was absent. "I'm optimistic about the fact that fairness prevailed," said Christina Gilgor, executive director of the Kentucky Fairness Alliance. "It wasn't the overwhelming victory that we would have liked, but it's a victory."

For the second consecutive evening, controversial measure succumbs. Is our legislature in session?

Williams: Act on pension bill or forget new funding

Senate President David Williams said he plans to halt new spending this year — and possibly next year — unless the House acts on a plan to fix the state’s ailing pension system. "It’s going to be like that from here on out: We will address this issue, we will be fiscally responsible, or we’re not going to spend any more money except what’s a necessary expense in the future," Williams said after today’s session. "I’m talking about next year, too," he added. He listed a few exceptions: tax breaks for military personnel, social worker safety improvements and relief for county jails.

Williams threatens funding cuts. However, his cuts have three exceptions. David, a threat with provisions is hollow. Shut-up.

Expungement provision added to drug bill

The House Judiciary Committee yesterday attached a provision that would allow some felons to expunge their criminal record to an unrelated bill, drawing protests from some conservatives. The committee substitute is expected to sail through the House, meaning the Senate this year will likely vote on the expungement bill for the first time. The House Democratic Majority Whip Rob Wilkey has sponsored the bill four years in a row. Three times it died in the Republican-controlled Senate without even getting a hearing. This year, the Senate "seems more receptive to giving it a fair shot," Wilkey said.

Criminals expunging their records? I am shocked this was protested.

Racing authority funding clears Senate

A bill that would give a one-day tax break to Ellis Park in Henderson, Ky. cleared the state Senate today after an amendment was added giving the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority additional funding for the upcoming fiscal year. The bill, HB 402, previously passed the House without the amendment. If the House doesn’t concur in the amendment, the bill would then be sent to a conference committee with members of both the House and the Senate to see if the differences can be resolved. The bill would give Ellis a one-day pari-mutuel excise tax break when it plays host to the Claiming Crown this summer.

The purpose of a one day tax break?

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