Friday, March 30, 2007

Conservative Edge Fact Check

While Anne Northup's most fervent online supporters have been quick to call mine and Brett Hall's credibility into question regarding the GOP primary, they rarely have facts to back up their assertions of a Northup surge. Now, there is certainly no lack of name calling and anger, but that is usually not the basis for a persuasive argument. So, would it be to much to ask, since I have been assured by the Northup supporters that momentum is building for her, what the factual basis is, for the assertion. Could you give us fund raising facts? How much? From whom?

How many fund raisers have been held? As well, which counties other than Jefferson seem to be in the Northup column? At what Lincoln Day Dinners have Northup supporters out numbered Fletcher supporters? How about internal polling numbers. Do you have any of those? After all, the last Survey-USA poll showed an 8 point drop for Northup from her previous internal poll. What has changed since then? I'll be happy to post the information. I'll even buy your theory that momentum is building for Northup. It's just that you'll have to provide more than talk. Is that to much to ask, for people questioning others credibility?

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Anonymous said...

When one considers that Northup polled even with the governor without spending a single cent in advertising, the flood of endorsements from powerful and influential Republicans from across the state, and the simple fact that she will slaughter the governor in Jefferson County and the entire Louisville MSA as well as in the Hoover's territory in southcentral Kentucky, it isn't hard to understand why Northup is surging in this primary. The governor spent something like a half-million on an ad, only to drop 4 points in the next poll taken. The writing is on the wall. Fletcher supporters just choose to ignore it and turn to spin in an attempt to give the impression that he is still viable as a candidate in both the primary and general.
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