Saturday, March 24, 2007

Conservative Edge Mocks Northup

The Northup for Governor campaign announced Northup's position on education and health care today. In reality, it's only one new policy position, since she already released the education policy. But I am in a good mood so I'll let her count education again.

So, half way through the campaign Northup has two policies worked out. That leaves about fifty to tackle in the next two months. But at her current pace, we should have them in more like 9 years.

We'd agree to just a baker's dozen between now and May. Here in no particular order are major policy issues that face the commonwealth in addition to education and health care:

1. Job growth
2. Business development
3. Agriculture
4. Tourism
5. State and County Pension deficits
6. Prevaling wages for local governments and school districts
7. Casino Gambling (Yeah, we know she's says she's against it, but said she wouldn't stand inthe way of it. So she will have to develop a policy)
8. AMC
9. Economic development
10. Foster Care
11. Drug abuse
12. Elder Care and abuse
13. Nursing home reform

That should give the Northup team a little homework.

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