Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conservative Edge: Women Whip Northup

I missed this Al Cross story from the March 18th edition of the Courier Journal on the Northup campaign. Here's the real interesting part of the story in which a "leans Northup" Republican was interviewed: The 60-second ad seems to be aimed at people like Hughes -- Republicans who think the hiring investigation and prosecution by Democratic Attorney General Greg Stumbo was "overkill," as Hughes calls it, and who still have personal regard for Fletcher but remain uncertain about their vote.

Republicans who put a premium on maintaining GOP control of the governorship are unlikely to be persuaded by the appeal to sympathy, given Fletcher's low job ratings in polls. But most voters in the primary, which also includes businessman Billy Harper, are likely to have less partisan priorities -- such as who they think would be the best governor. And as we wrote in January, they need to hear reasons to be for Northup, not just against Fletcher.

Hughes said likewise after hearing her litany and discussing it with the locals. "Not anything about what she's going to do, that didn't go over too well with those people there," he said. "Some of those little old ladies, they were ready to whip Anne Northup."

I'd say your campaign is not going well, when you incite "little old ladies" within your own party to do you bodily harm. Of course, I am a Fletcher supporter. But still, that can't be a good sign.

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