Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elendil’s Journal Examines Race

My friend over at has done a masterful job of bringing together conservative bloggers across Kentucky. Yesterday, he decided to shut down his web site until after the May primary because of the heated vitriol spewing from some of the partisans on each side of the Republican primary.

Members, I have made the decision to shut down the until after the May Primary. With my absence in Washington D.C, I didn't have the opportunity to keep up with reading everyone's posts, but once I did I was surprised by the harshness the Fletcher and Northup factions were attacking each other directly, and that is not why I helped organize this network.

When Northup joined the race over a month ago, I knew these types of attacks would occur. How could it not? On one side you have supporters of the Governor who believe they have been wronged by the party. And now they are seeing members of their own party ripping into their candidate and have become very defensive. On the other side you have those who are saying that Fletcher is a scoundrel and as such is unelectable.

How do you close this rhetorical gap after the primary? If Fletcher wins, will all of the people who have been saying Fletcher can't win change their tune and say "We were just kidding, of course Fletcher can win"? If Northup wins, do you think those who have been smeared by her aggressive tactics will gladly fall in line to support her?

How can this end well? I am a Fletcher supporter who likes Northup. I just think her run for the governorship is a bit misguided at this time. But with that said, I know I am having a hard time getting excited about her campaign as she continually trashes Fletcher. Especially knowing that if Fletcher wins, Northup's words will be echoed by whoever the Democratic nominee. Imagine how those more partisan than I am will feel?

For a party that is outnumbered almost two to one in registration in this state, we can't afford to be divided going into the general election. But how can we be unified? Which means we are faced with the real and discouraging possibility that a second rate Democrat will sit in the governors mansion next year.

I hope I am proven wrong. Maybe we can be like the Democrats and circle the wagons once the primary battle is over. But for some reason, I don't think it will be as easy for us Republicans who have never been in this situation before. We have already passed the brink. It is too late to reverse this split. Hopefully, the scars from this war will heal up and not come back to haunt us this November.

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