Monday, March 12, 2007

What Does Kentucky Want?

Gov. Ernie Fletcher is taking his re-election campaign to the airwaves with a television ad that portrays his critics in a hiring scandal as schoolyard bullies and proclaims he never flinched and ultimately won.

The 60-second spot debuting Tuesday says Fletcher stayed focused on his job during the legal turmoil. The commercial boasts of a "booming" economy, a budget surplus, more roads and tax breaks during the governor's term.

Fletcher's commercial opens by showing schoolyard bullies shouting at a book-toting youth who keeps his head up and walks through the group unharmed - an apparent reference to the hiring probe. A narrator says, "Day after day he took it, didn't flinch because fighting is not his way. But he got where he was going. He held his head high. So in his own determined way, he won."

The ad later shows Fletcher at work in his Capitol office and boasts of accomplishments during his tenure. Later, in another reference to the probe, the narrator says, "It's behind us now, and Kentucky's a better place because Ernie came out with his head held high and Kentucky won."

Should Kentucky elect someone who will fight for them? Or should Kentucky re-elect the school yard geek?

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