Tuesday, March 6, 2007

You’ll Hear This Again… Fletcher Can’t Win!

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Since the Beverage perjury trial has been set for June, after the May 22nd R primary, I went looking to see if maybe Commonwealth Attorney Larry Cleveland is doing his part to help Fletcher through the primary so the Democrats can roast him and all the other Republican candidates all summer and all fall. Cleveland says the date was picked because that's when his calendar and the court can handle it. Maybe. I don't want to question the attorney's honesty.

However, Cleveland is clearly sympathetic to Democrat interests. Cleveland has donated money to several candidates for judgeships and legislative positions, including George Moore (nominated by Stumbo for appointment to Kentucky Personnel Board) and Senator Julian Carroll, who had a temper tantrum last week over Pence's endorsement of Northup/Hoover. Moreover, he gave $1000 to the Kentucky Democrat Party back in 99. I hope Cleveland gets a Christmas card from Fletcher this year.

I'm just saying, if Fletcher wins the R primary and then voters get to hear about perjury and the 5th Amendment and whatnot right after the primary, things won't be pretty for Kentucky Republicans. Fletch is lucking out in the short term, but dragging all Kentucky Republicans down in the long term. Julian Carroll's request for Pence to resign is absurd. Ernie Fletcher is the one who should resign. He should have resigned a long time ago, but I guess he never realized how inept he has been. He has departed from his values. He has departed from his party. He has departed from the voters. Republicans can not afford to have Fletcher's name on the ticket in November.

This validates my assertions. Fletcher cannot win.

Kentucky Republicans, fervently supporting a championship is admirable. Fervently supporting a corpse is insane. Do not vote Fletcher.

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