Friday, April 27, 2007

Brett Hall Rebukes Queen Anne

State Senator Robert Stivers was leaving the Clay County Courthouse Tuesday in his hometown of Manchester when he spotted Anne Northup talking to a few locals.

Stivers, an attorney and one of 15 state senators backing Governor Ernie Fletcher in the GOP primary, stopped to say hello. That was when things got ugly.

Northup reportedly told the veteran legislator and senate judiciary chair that she was going to contact people in his district to recruit a primary opponent to run against him in 2008, among other things.

None too happy about that news, Stivers contacted his good friend, Senate President David Williams to fill him in on Northup's threat to primary him.

Williams then called Larry Cox, who heads up U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell's state operations, informing him of his displeasure. Basically, it went something like this, "Tell your candidate, Mrs. Northup to kindly stop threatening members of my caucus."

Moments later, Northup was on the phone with Stivers offering a profuse apology for her remarks.

Wednesday afternoon, GOP state senators convened on a conference call to discuss the incident. The Senate President asked them to inform them immediately of any similar incident.

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