Friday, April 6, 2007

Speaking Anne

From Blue Grass, Red State:

"Tens of thousands of Kentuckians with kids under the age of 5 have thought about sending their child to college in Kentucky," commented Anne Northup, candidate for Governor. "The message I have for them is ‘we will not fail you.’" "Being Governor is all about priorities," said Northup.

"For too many years, Kentucky has had no long term plan, just long term problems and Ernie Fletcher has done nothing to change that." "The first step to leadership is developing a plan to address the problems Kentucky faces," according to Northup. "The second step is actually being there day after day working with both parties in both chambers to get things accomplished."

After the 2006 legislative session, Governor Ernie Fletcher vetoed $370 million worth of projects, most of which were infrastructure projects for our state colleges and universities. During the 2007 legislative session Ernie Fletcher failed to build a consensus and restore the projects he vetoed.

"As much as I hate to say this, Ernie Fletcher has failed on both accounts- having a plan and being there to get things done," concluded Northup. "He was too busy traveling around Kentucky trying to get reelected by handing out oversized checks instead of staying in Frankfort during the legislative session to make sure our universities get the funding they need."

Tens of thousands of Kentuckians desire an Ernie Fletcher alternative. Voting for Governor is about choices. For three years, Kentucky has endured platitudes and hypocricy and Anne Northup has done nothing to change that.

As much as I have said this, I will say it again, Northup is a miserable candidate. She has no agenda and one three-word talking point. She has forsaken policy. She has been to busy traveling around Kentucky, screeching, “Fletcher can’t win. Fletcher can’t win. Fletcher can’t win.”

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