Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blue Grass, Red State Abusing Their Delusion

Blue Grass, Red State Calls On Ernie Fletcher To Release Names of Donors To Secret Legal Defense Fund

With less than a week to go before the primary, Ernie Fletcher still has not told the Kentucky Republicans who will decide next Tuesday whether or not to renominate him who has contributed to his secret legal defense fund which pays legal fees stemming from Ernie Fletcher's indictment in the merit hiring scandal.

If Ernie Fletcher continues to keep the names secret, he is putting every Kentucky Republican in a very awkward position in the post-primary season should he win renomination. If Ernie Fletcher doesn't care what we think of him, why the hell should we renominate him? If Ernie Fletcher doesn't think we care about ethics, we have to tell him otherwise!

Fletcher, Wheeler Run Incestuous Campaign

Ernie Fletcher's attack dog Brett Hall has apparently confused himself with his lies. Hall sends out a political tabloid email regularly to Republicans in which he lies about the state of the Governor's race, invariably stating that Ernie Fletcher's campaign is going great and the Northup/Hoover campaign is constantly faltering. Conventional wisdom says Brett Hall wouldn't come back to Kentucky from New Jersey just to run a Treasurer's race, so he must be getting paid by one of Fletcher's slick consultants. Hall had been fired in 2006 for responding to a reporter asking if Fletcher was going to resign by saying, "Fuck no!" although Hall has claimed to be on Ernie Fletcher's payroll since the supposed firing. This morning, Hall confused himself and sent his newsletter from Melinda Wheeler's email address.

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