Thursday, May 17, 2007

Northup’s Silent Campaign

Imagine… campaigning, courting voters, and rallying support… sans publicity. One would assume the drawbacks were obvious. Another mistake, courtesy Anne Northup’s campaign of errors.

From the Conservative Edge:

The Conservative Edge has been receiving e-mails from the Fletcher campaign with Governor Fletcher's daily schedule. Other sites have received thos e-mails, and have also published the schedule for Billy Harper. As of this morning, I was unaware of Northup's travels and had assumed based on commments from her supporters, that she was in Louisville concentrating on that vote.

This morning I learned that Northup was on the campaing trail in Corbin, Kentucky yesterday. A Herald-Leader reporter caught up to her for a story regarding the "robo-calls".

It is good to know that Northup is out meeting with Kentucky's citizens. If she is the Republican nominee for Governor, she will have to connect with the rural folks, if she is to have a chance in the general election.

We'd note that better press relations with Kentucky's new conservative media would help out the Northup campaign. Whether one likes it or not, the 15 or so conservative new media writers in Kentucky are having an impact on the campaign. Barry Peel will have to do a better job in the fall if Northup is the nominee. There is simply no reason why Northup friendly conservative sites should not have gotten a press release with Northup's campaign schedule and her apology for Tuesday's phone problem.

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