Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Anne’s Overreaching: Blogging Between the Quotes

"There's always a lot to learn about different parts of the state"

Specifically, conservative Republicans abhor RINO’s and pork barrel spending.

Bill Stone, a prominent Louisville Republican, said he thinks Fletcher will be hard to beat in the primary and that Northup's background could serve as a detriment to her across the state. "If Abraham Lincoln ran as an East Louisville suburbanite, it wouldn't be 100 percent positive even for him," he said. "I don't think it's a statewide political advantage."

I have admired Abraham Lincoln. I have studied Abraham Lincoln. I’ve read the text of his Gettysburg Address. Anne Northup is no Abraham Lincoln.

"As a Republican and as a Kentuckian, I'm answering this call to service because our party and the people all across Kentucky deserve an alternative to the current governor."

She is also answering the call because she is a career politician.

"She's wrong on the issues and wrong on the geography," Larry Forgy said. "She's better known in Floyd County, Indiana, (across the river from Louisville) than she is in Floyd County, Kentucky."

Correct Larry. She is known as a 2006 Congressional loser.

"Anne's going to play really well to the urban areas of the state, and I think Jeff Hoover will play very well to the more rural parts of the state and more outlying parts of the state," Richie Farmer said.

Hoover will play well? Despite right to life refusing to endorse him?

"It's not as though she's starting out cold. She's reasonably well known across the state from her time in Congress," Larry Sabato said. "Ernie Fletcher will create most of her vote for her. There are undoubtedly Republicans who are loyal to Fletcher, but a fair amount of Republicans actually want to win in November."

Yes we do. It’s clear Anne cannot win.

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kyconservative said...


Two things: 1st, Right to Life has made clear that they didn't endorse Hoover because he failed to complete their survey. Do you know how many surveys candidates receive when running for office? He was running unopposed, there was no good reason to fill out every survey he got. Do you know how many unopposed candidates there are who don't seek these types of endorsements? Tons. I see you running around the internet peddling this bs when you know darn good and well that he is strongly pro-life. Tell you what, point out one vote he has ever had that is not pro-life, and I will call him out myself. But if you can't do that, we'll all assume you're just spinning.

2cnd - maybe you could offer proof that Anne Northup is a pork barrel spender. I think you believe that because Anne was on the appropriations committee and brought back a lot of funds for her district. Maybe you don't understand how Congress works. Congress as a whole sets the budget. Appropriators then decide where the money will be spent. They don't increase the budget at all. And if you are on the appropriations committee, it would be a huge diservice to your constituents if you failed to fight for your district's fair share. So pushing for district funding as an appropriator and being fiscally conservative is not at all inconsistent. Anne was always known in Congress as someone who held the line on spending - not a big spender.

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