Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Give Up On The Fifth

Several blogs are buzzing about Anne Northup and the old fifth district.

Everyone read
Ryan Alessi’s article. Northup is a congressional loser. She will not refurbish the district’s luster.

The "Old Fifth" Defined and In-Depth

Over the past few weeks a common theme has emerged in the Republican gubernatorial primary: the importance of the “old fifth” among the chattering class. Ryan Alessi recently reported that the area could no longer be considered the GOP’s Gibraltar; Bryan Mills has compared candidates’ attempts to woo this area to picking blackberries; and the KY Enquirer’s Pat Crowley wrote that Anne Northup’s pick of Jeff Hoover as her running mate was part of an effort to “corral the Old Fifth.” (Notice the capitalization in Crowley’s column.)

Despite its obvious importance, there’s the real possibility that there are a still a few readers who’re wondering whether this is some reference to a Masonic rite, a mysterious organization that stresses the number “5” as a part of its philosophy, or even an area similar to that facility in Nevada called “Area 51”, where Kentucky keeps aliens and spaceships. In fact, the Old Fifth is, perhaps unfortunately, nothing quite so mysterious or fascinating.

With Northup-Hoover, Old Fifth Has Chance to Regain Lost Influence

The last time voters in the “old fifth” had one of their own in Kentucky’s Governor’s office was 1931. That’s when Knox County pol Flem “Flam” Sampson was Governor. Sampson is best known for his efforts to create the Kentucky Colonel system and the Kentucky Progress Commission.

While there isn’t a candidate from the old fifth in the race this year, Jeff Hoover, who’s running for Lt. Governor under Anne Northup, would be a nice consolation prize for the region.

Northup/Hoover Influence in Old 5th

Cyberhillbilly has some more of his enlightened coverage of the 2007 governor's race here, here, and here.

Jonathan really has the best coverage of this thing so far. These pieces primarily define the Old Fifth and explain Northup/Hoover's potential for influence in this important region.

Northup Heads to 5th District

Former Louisville Congresswoman Anne Northup is venturing far beyond the Gene Snyder Freeway … campaigning in what Louie Nunn used to call “the old Republican fifth.” That’s a reference to the once Republican majority district that was basically centered on Lake Cumberland. Redistricting after the 1990 census took the 5th east and turned it slightly Democratic in registration. But Southern Kentucky is still reliably Republican in its voting patterns and registration. Counties like Pulaski, Laurel, Whitley, Clay and Russell can quickly add up the GOP vote. Northup is introducing herself in those areas, accompanied by her running mate from Jamestown, House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover.

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jefferson poole said...

What bloodletting do you mean?

I think the only thing that would be called "bloodletting" would be Fletcher attacks because he's the only one of Fletcher.Harper.Northup currently in elected office. That's unfair. He is in a primary race against two (3?) other candidates and he and everyone else needs to deal with it like an election, not some protectionary measure for the sitting governor.
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