Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jail Bating

The residents of Kenton County are opposed to a new jail. They have been protesting for weeks. They have explored and debated alternate sites and the merits of even building the jail. The bar hotel is clearly unwanted. However, are the residents really this desperate?
Opponents of a planned Kenton County jail near Independence are looking for help from Gov. Ernie Fletcher, going so far as to say they will act as political "ground troops" for his re-election effort if he offers his assistance.

In a letter that was overnighted to Fletcher's office on Tuesday, Independence attorney and jail opposition organizer Eric Deters told the governor that jail opponents were willing to canvass in Fletcher's next campaign if he offers his help in finding an alternative location for the jail. "The purpose of this letter is to ask for your intervention," Deters wrote. "You can have thousands of grateful citizens prepared to walk door to door for you."

In the letter to Fletcher, Deters said he has the signatures of 2,500 residents who are willing to work for his campaign.
Eric Deters is clearly warped. How else can one explain his willingness to prostitute thousands for a jail? He is irrationally pandering, providing the perfect opportunity for another Fletcher sponsored scandal. No, the inmates are not running the asylum. Without them, we would not need one.

I understand the objections of Kenton County’s citizens. Jails inhabit land and house criminals. They are not a welcome addition. However, trading in politics for governance? There is a reason those two roads should never intersect.

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