Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stop Defending Slick Ernie

Governor Fletcher was the innocent target of a partisan attack.

Repeatedly, this excuse has answered the phrase “merit scandal.” Governor Fletcher’s enemies have exploded a minor incident for their own selfish political reasons. This may be a perfectly valid explanation.

However, I have heard it. Wasn’t this the Democrats’ excuse?

During the impeachment of President Clinton, weren’t we the vindictive, selfish party? Weren’t we exploding a personal matter for partisan purposes? Weren’t we exploiting a trivial matter and recklessly polarizing the country?

The retort to this misguided anger remains the same. Governor Fletcher as President Clinton committed a wrong. Not withstanding circumstance or situation, these leaders perpetrated a fraud upon the public. President Clinton’s sexual promiscuity may have been the backdrop, yet that was irrelevant. The President lied. Governor Fletcher may have been attempting good. However, ethically, he was wrong.

Amidst partisan screams, the truth existed. Despite today’s excuses, the truth remains. We need not forget the impeachment’s lessons. We need to shed the excuses and recognize the obvious… Governor Fletcher was wrong.

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