Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anne Northup Has A Health Plan?

This response from to a question to candidates regarding the importance of health care to Kentuckians: ANNE NORTHUP:

1. A healthier and better educated workforce is vital to individual success and the collective productiveness to make Kentucky competitive in the emergent world economy.

2. There are things Kentucky can do to provide more access to health care without adopting the single-pay system. Many European countries are moving away from the single-payer system in order to provide access to better health care. Tuition rates are too high and we must find ways to stop the upward spiral and, if possible, achieve reductions.

3. Government must provide adequate access to health care and insure its quality including preventative care and information to help individuals make healthier life choices. But personal responsibility must be an equal and vital component of making that system successful. ... We need creative efforts to make sure affordable health insurance choices are available so that low income workers who have access to private insurance have the help they need … . Keeping tuition rates affordable for more Kentuckians will take partnership between the higher education community and the state.

The higher education communities must contain costs and address the inefficiencies in their system ... . The state must make tuition assistance a priority for qualified Kentucky students who deserve and need financial help.

Anne Northup proposing policy? Incredible!

She has talking points? I am stunned. I was told the lone phrase at the campaign’s daily yell practice was “Fletcher can’t win. Fletcher can’t win. Fletcher can’t win.”

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