Sunday, February 25, 2007

BGRS, Keeling Slam Governor

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Here's the part about Fletcher:


Gov. Ernie Fletcher's proposal to spend $200 milllion of a bogus $401 million "surplus" on a variety of initiatives was an all too obvious re-election campaign ploy. And his plan to blame lawmakers for denying Kentuckians these initiatives when they exercise the fiscal restraint he seems incapable of doing is another obvious ploy. But as usual with our Boy Governor and the worthy successors to his original Kiddie Korps, they were a bit shy on anticipating all the possible consequences of their plan. BG and his aides knew legislative leaders were not inclined to open up the budget for wholesale revisions in a non-budget year, particularly when the structural imbalance in the budget greatly exceeds the bogus "surplus."

But he went ahead with his fiscally foolish proposals anyway, thinking it put him in a win-win situation of taking credit if he got what he wanted or blaming lawmakers if his initiatives failed. But there was a third option he obviously didn't consider. A governor who makes all sorts of promises to the public that he can't get the legislature to go along with just looks weak. A weak governor who fires off angry letters and goes into rants at legislative receptions in response to the House exercising some fiscal prudence on the "Boni Bill" looks both weak and whiny. Those are two traits BG has down pat, but why would Kentucky voters want to re-elect a weak and whiny governor?

I'm glad Keeling is just crazy enough to put this out there. All the sensible Democrats are trying to support Fletcher so they can win in the November general.

Sarcasm duly noted. However, Fletcher is vulnerable and the stated point is correct.

Fletcher is the Democratic choice. Given his nomination, they will win.

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