Thursday, February 1, 2007

Blogging in the Issues Between

There were a couple of veiled references (to the hiring scandal), but overall it was a refreshing return, if only briefly, to a discussion of the real issues at hand. Unfortunately, those are the same that they have been in Kentucky since the beginning of time: education, jobs, taxes, pork, corruption, good ol' boys.

(Fine. You do not wish to rehash these issues? Why don’t we try solving them, which obviously we have not done.)

On Billy Harper. The Western Kentucky millionaire is genuine and sincere, but he has a single-issue platform and a limited ability to sell it. By his own admission, he sounds like a broken record. Education, education, education.

(Is this reporter blind? Education is the silver bullet. Education could solve poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and social unrest. Education is the answer. Kentucky’s test scores are terrible. Education in this state is terrible. If Billy Harper sounds akin to a broken record, this is because the system he is addressing is crushed.)


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