Thursday, February 1, 2007

CE, We’re Positive You’re Wrong

From Conservative Edge:

One striking aspect of the current Governor's race is that the challengers are being such pessimists about Kentucky. Gatewood Galbraith thinks Kentucky is going down hill. Anne Northup supporters dimiss Kentucky's record employment numbers, because of the fact that the whole country is doing well.

In the end, pessimism may be all that the Governor Fletcher's challengers may have. Which is to bad. In reality, Kentucky is doing very well. More Kentuckians then ever are working. The vast majority of our students who receive degrees of higher education are staying in state. Test scores are improving. The working poor have had their Kentucky income taxes reduced to zero. Companies that are opening businesses in the state are brining 21st century jobs. Kentucky is one of the top business destinations in the nation.

It's a shame that Republican supporters of Anne Northup are doing their best to spin things in a negative fashion. It's expected that the Democrats are doing the same.

We'll be watching the candidates to get specifics on what they say is wrong, and how they say they will specifically fix the problems. Then we will analyze their facts and their plans.

The Conservative Edge thinks Kentucky's glass is half full. It's to bad all the gubernatorial candidates want to convince you it is half empty, but that they can fill it up.

Conservative Edge, Billy Harper also views Kentucky’s glass as half full. Browse his public statements? He is not negative.

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