Friday, February 9, 2007 Says It Right

Was it getting cross-wired on the fly-around schedule the day after she announced for governor? When her plane arrived two hours late for campaign stops? Or, was it the Larue County Lincoln Day Dinner where she got a tepid reception from the dozen or so party faithful who attended?

Maybe it was Saturday night's RPK Lincoln Day Dinner where she totally blew her speech and with it the golden opportunity to put Gov. Ernie Fletcher on the run? No one in the Anne Northup camp has been happy lately.

The Lady from Louisville apparently went looking for a head to sever, and her manager, Cam Savage was the one. Too bad.

He's a strong political operative. And, tell us again who gave - or rather, read that speech? Don't know what to say about her new manager, Michael Clingaman, who left his job at the RPK to work with consultant Ted Jackson to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

One sure thing: He'll need an asbestos suit.

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