Friday, February 9, 2007

Meager Anne

From Kentucky Pachyderm 2:

Someone must have told disloyal Republican Anne Northup that her "Fletcher can't win" primary election strategy leaves something to be desired. It seems she's now out trying to articulate positions, particularly on economic development -- that is if you can consider her "a different approach for each of our 120 counties" statement as a legitimate goal.

The only problem is that Northup's experience is severely limited when it comes to Kentucky geography. During her years in Congress, and before that as a state legislator, Northup only represented PART of ONE county, and that county is atypical of most of Kentucky. A large chunk of Jefferson County isn't even in the 3rd District. And even though Northup enlisted disloyal Republican Jeff Hoover, from the GOP-dominated 5th District, to be her running mate, we have to wonder how well she'll relate to the people and the varied needs of Kentucky.

During his three years as governor, Ernie Fletcher has worked for the entire Commonwealth. By now he has visited most, if not all, of the state's counties. But on top of that, Fletcher trumps Northup in relevant legislative experience, too. While he served in Congress, Fletcher represented a varied district in terms of geography and socioeconomics. His territory included Kentucky's second largest city, the state capital of Frankfort, growing communities like Scott and Clark and Madison counties, rural areas like Bourbon and Garrard counties, and even a couple of poorer Appalachian counties like Estill and Powell.

He has more familiarity and experience with a number of communities and issues than does Northup, whose turf and scope is quite limited in comparison. Fletcher's congressional district, probably more than any other, represented all phases of Kentucky life. From rural to urban, small town to big city, agrarian to industrial, prosperous to impoverished, flat to mountainous, you can find everything that makes Kentucky what it is in the 6th District. The governor's own background makes him better able to relate to Kentuckians of all social standings. Raised in humble surroundings in Montgomery County by working-class parents with Appalachian roots, Fletcher graduated from high school in Lexington.

And there's no disputing his resume is the most impressive we've ever seen of any candidate for public office in Kentucky in decades. When life experiences and worldviews are carefully considered, it's obvious Fletcher has a huge advantage over Northup. Someone who's only represented a small corner of Kentucky versus someone who's represented everything that makes Kentucky what it is -- to us, the choice is an easy one. This is another case where Fletcher's qualifications stand head and shoulders above everyone else's.

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Anonymous said...

Write something of your own. Dont just repost the drivel of a bunch of folks who work for the state but are afraid to post their names. every body knows the pachy boys work for the Governor. It's hard to take guys serious when their first priority is their cozy state job.
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