Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Answering Insipid Questions

From Blue Grass, Red State:

The ad could win an Oscar for Best 60 Second Film, but it's a pretty weak political ad. The very fact that Fletch is even running an ad right now is a sign that he is in serious trouble.

1) Do you think Fletch would put ads up without running polls to determine if the ads were necessary?

Politics is polls. Plans are not enacted sans justification.

2) Do you think Fletch would put ads up without running polls to determine which media markets were the most vital to hit at this time?

See my first response.

3) If Fletch ran internal polls and the results indicated that Fletch was in a great position, as some "conservative" bloggers would have us believe, why wouldn't Fletch tell everybody about the great poll results? Good poll numbers for Fletch simply do not exist, and they will not ever again, unless he decides to run for re-election eight years from now, which is his best bet for getting re-elected.

Leaking internals screams desperation. No politician leaks internals. Oh wait, Anne Northup leaked hers.

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