Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A New Ad For Victory?

Governor Fletcher’s ad was pathetic. However, the ad was hardly Michael Dukakis. Concerning Cyber Hillbilly. Try making your point in paragraph one, as opposed to paragraph five.

From Cyber Hillbilly:

The great Florentine political philosopher Machiavelli once said "it’s better to be feared than loved." In recent years, the lesson in that admonition has been heeded by Kentucky’s most successful politicians. David Williams is called "King David."

And while the media doesn’t mean it as a compliment, he’s the most successful and the toughest operator in Kentucky legislative politics in decades. Senator Mitch McConnell is occasionally called the "Darth Vader" of Kentucky politics. But the only Republicans silly enough to criticize his stellar accomplishments are those who, politically speaking, have little or no future. Then there’s Paul Patton. Folks today laugh about the "Love Gov."

But they forget that this strong leader took on Greg Stumbo twice, both times over issues of overriding importance. Both times powerful special interests were arrayed on Stumbo’s side. Yet Patton managed to defeat him each time. The current Governor would-- likely begrudgingly—have to admit that besting the Gentleman from Floyd is no easy task. You’d think that Governor Fletcher’s reelection team would be mindful of these lessons. But the only lesson the Governor seems to be heeding is another one from Paul Patton; and this one decidedly negative.

For a while, Paul Patton was regarded as one of the toughest and meanest operators in Frankfort. Then, following his tearful breakdown on statewide news, he became the laughingstock of the Commonwealth and the butt of late night comedians’ jokes. In point of fact, when he was tough as nails, he was at the pinnacle of power; once he became a laughingstock, he was finished. That’s what’s so difficult to understand about the most recent Fletcher ad.

Making your candidate look like the smartest kid in the room and someone who refuses to fight back against his hectoring opponents is not necessarily a message that will resonate among Kentuckians; particularly those on the right. More importantly, it flies in the face of what Kentucky voters have come to expect of their political leaders. Brains are important, no doubt… but so is political brawn.

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