Friday, March 2, 2007

Biting Legislation – Part Three

Indecision on runoff repeal continues

Unable to decide what action to take about possible runoff elections in the primary for governor, the House elections committee voted this afternoon to approve two bills: one that would repeal the runoff provision and one that would have the state pay the full costs of a runoff.

Quit! Frankfort politicians, allow the election to proceed. Campaign within the stated rules.

Anti-abortion bill warmly received

A second anti-abortion bill pushed by a Northern Kentucky legislator is advancing through the state Senate. Women seeking abortions would be informed about fetal pain and use of anesthesia in prenatal surgeries under a bill sponsored by Sen. Jack Westwood, R-Crescent Springs. The measure, which easily cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, would add to the information given to women before they undergo abortions. The bill says the new material would inform women that by 20 weeks gestation the "unborn child has the physical structures necessary to experience pain."

Information is critical. This is the ultimate pro-life legislation. Governor Fletcher, sign this bill.

Houses passes Boni Bill to protect social workers

Reacting to the murder of a social worker last year, the House on Thursday approved legislation to protect other state employees responsible for oversight of abused and neglected children. The measure provides $4.8 million in funding to hire an additional 108 social workers and aides and to open 15 centers around the state for where biological parents can visit with their children who have been removed from their homes.

Outstanding memorial. Governor Fletcher, honor Boni with your signature.

Coal mine widows to protest stalled safety bill

With only days left for state lawmakers to pass a tougher mine safety measure, widows of Kentucky coal miners killed on the job plan to return to Frankfort next week to protest the inaction of legislators.

Last year, several mining tragedies occurred. Why are we debating this legislation? For safety’s interest, craft a law. Please!

Nursing home bills likely won't get to a vote

Nursing home legislation that would set minimum staffing standards and require employees to be tested for drugs has stalled in the House of Representatives. The problem is not opposition to the bills but time, said Rep. Tom Burch, D-Louisville, chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, where three bills related to nursing homes have been assigned. "They're not dead," Burch said. "They're just hanging in there."

Who opposes drug testing and ensuring patient care?

House passes Museum Plaza bill

A bill that Museum Plaza developers say is critical to their downtown Louisville project passed the Kentucky House today. House Bill 549, which would allow Museum Plaza to use room taxes from a Westin hotel to be built on the site to pay for nearby public infrastructure, was approved 79-13.

Promotion through tourism. Necessary spending.

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