Friday, March 2, 2007

Pence Will Not Resign

Pence will not resign. He has neither humility nor character. He also has no staff, no political responsibilities, and no reason to remain Leutenant Governor. State Senator Carroll reinforced my feelings. However, Pence will not resign. He is determined to serve, persisting as a fake in the Governor’s house.

Pence is squandering taxpayer funds. One would assume the aforesaid runs opposite conservative principals. Clearly, Pence has no principals. He is simply seeking retribution…. Not as Fletcher’s LG, as Northup’s second running mate.

From Louisville Courier-Journal:

Sen. Julian Carroll, a former governor, called today on Republican Lt. Gov. Steve Pence to resign, saying he has shown disloyalty to Gov. Ernie Fletcher and the state. "It is time, it is past time, that he show at least some humility and at least some character … and resign," Carroll, D-Frankfort, said in a five-minute speech on the Senate floor.

Carroll said Pence, with no staff left, has nothing to do and is wasting taxpayer money. The speech drew applause from Republicans and Democrats alike. Pence and Fletcher have parted ways politically over the governor’s handling of the investigation into his administration’s hiring practices.

Pence said later, "The former governor could not name a specific area where I have failed in my official duties. He believes that my official duties include campaigning for and supporting a governor who has engaged in the conduct Ernie Fletcher has engaged in," Pence said, referring to Fletcher’s blanket pardon and other actions responding to a special grand jury investigation of administration hiring practices.

Fletcher said later that he asked Pence to resign last year when Pence announced he would not continue as his running mate in the 2007 elections and resigned as the administration’s Justice Cabinet secretary.

"I’ve made my request and he denied that and I understood that and I accepted that. But now he has a decision to make given other requests," Fletcher said. Earlier this week Pence endorsed former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup of Louisville in the May 22 Republican primary for governor.

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