Saturday, March 3, 2007

Biting Legislation

Rep. Yonts tries to restore his mine safety bill

In an attempt to reclaim a mine safety bill he says was hijacked during the committee process, Rep. Brent Yonts, D-Greenville, filed an amendment Friday. The measure restores many of the provisions that were stripped out of the bill in committee.

This was Governor Fletcher’s responsibility. His inaction shrieks callousness and incompetence.

Senate seeks changes in retirement systems

Senate Republican and Democratic leaders are calling on the Democratic-controlled House to join them in overhauling the state’s retirement systems in hopes of saving the state more than $200 million over the next year. In the final days of this year’s legislative session, the Senate "will move in a bipartisan way to find a solution to the problem" of the more than $12 billion unfunded liability in the state employees’ retirement system and the $7 billion debt in the county employees retirement system, Senate President David Williams said today in a floor speech. "Until that resolution is made, I see very little else happening in this session of the General Assembly as far as expending dollars," said Williams, R-Burkesville.

Another Fletcher failure. Retirement reorganization is critical. Why is the Governor apathetic?

House passes bill to ease burden on jails

The Kentucky House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill that would help reduce the financial burden of jails on counties. But the bill wasn't exactly what many judge-executives and jailers were hoping for - one that would pay counties for housing prisoners for the time they serve prior to being convicted.

Counties did not receive their desired response? Partial assistance is sufficient.

House approves measure to raise interstate speed limit

The speed limit on some sections of Kentucky’s interstates and parkways could be raised to 70 mph under a measure approved Friday by a divided House of Representatives. The Senate already has passed the bill, but now must approve changes made in the House..

Kentucky cannot drive, 65!

School districts would create bullying policy under bill

School districts would have to create a policy to deal with bullies, under a measure adopted by the House of Representatives on Friday. The bill has been controversial in the past, but it has become much more palatable, said its sponsor, Rep. Mike Cherry, D-Princeton. The measure passed the House, 91-4. It was amended to note that the Golden Rule, treating others as you treat yourself, should be the model for improving attitude and conduct in all Kentucky schools.

The Golden Rule as a behavioral standard? Is this 1607?

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