Saturday, March 3, 2007

Conservative Edge Discusses New Media Influence

Earlier last month we reported on campaign Shenanigans by an unknown perpetrator who was circulating YouTube videos that were critical of Fletcher. These videos would have a false name in the profile so as to lead you to believe that a particular person or campaign had created the video. Another one has surfaced, this time childishly critical of Robbie Rudolph's hair. Again - it has a false name on the profile to cover up the real identity of whoever is behind it. Someone is also buying up domain names that sound like a campaign website and attaching them to negative articles or other attacks.

For instance, if you follow the link, it will forward you to the front page of Anne Northup's site. If you go to it would take you to an old negative article about Anne Northup on the Courier Journal. (It's been updated to a negative YouTube video about Northup) Billy Harper answered our open question about a campaign issue within 2o minutes by creating a YouTube video on his rolling bus tour.

Fletcher's campaign emailed us his answer within a couple of hours of recieiving the request. (Interestingly Northup's team has yet to respond) New media is changing the way voters get the message of a candidate - or the nefarious message of a detractor. Its a new world we are all living in politically and there are going to be twists and turns both exciting and scary.

What we hope for here at the Conservative Edge is that real leaders will step up and harness this new media for good and use it, not to attack people viciously or assign false blame, but to elevate the debate to the level that all Kentuckians deserve. That is our real mission here and we thank all of those on our aggregator to the right of this post and all of those grass roots people who believe in positive core conservative values for ther tireless efforts to change Kentucky for the better.

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