Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wolf’s Den Roasts RINO Anne

In an article in the Courier-Journal this morning entitled: "Carroll Calls On Pence to Resign", former governor, now state senator, Juliann Carroll(D-Frankfort) called on Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence to resign for comments he has made on the Uncle Gov. Ernie Fletcher administration. Carroll, speaking on the state senate floor, said that Pence had been "disloyal to Gov. Ernie Fletcher and the state" He added: "It is time, it is past time, that he show at least some humility and at least some character … and resign," This hasn't been the best of times for Lt. Pence. First, he decided he had enough of Uncle Gov. Ernie's shenanigans and he wasn't going to run as Uncle Ernie's running mate in 2007.

Then he threw his support last week to RHINO Annie saying, in a nutshell, that Ol' Uncle Gov. Ernie had as much chance of winning re-election as the proverbially snowball has in hell. Let me say first that when a Democratic state senator defends a Republican governor, it do make my ulcer laden stomach queasy. Stomach aside, what is really happening here, in my opinion, is that Lt. Pence is being attacked for having the audacity to say the emperor has no clothes. You remember the old story.

The emperor was looking for some new clothes. Some scoundrals came to him and deluded him into thinking that, for a price, they would make him the finest clothes in the land. He agreed and they took the money and went away happy. A few days later the emperor came looking for his clothes. Having none to give him, and fearing a seperation of their collective heads from their bodies, they came upon a bold strategy.

They simply told the emperor that his new clothes were made of a material that only the wisest and most loyal of his subjects could see. He bought the line and went in front of his court nekked as a jay bird. His court, not wishing to offend him, all admired his new clothes. When he went out into the land of the great unwashed, the people, it was a different story.

They at first said nothing out of fear. Then a little boy looked at the emperor and with a loud voice declared "The emperor has no clothes!!!" His subjects began laughing which caused the emperor embarrassment and caused the two scoundrals to lose their heads. Thus it is with Lt. Pence. While the rest of the Republican party in Kentucky kowtow's and supports Uncle Gov. Ernie, Pence has said with a loud voice "the emperor has no clothes. He can't win."

His exact quote was: " ...he(Gov. Fletcher) betrayed his 2003 campaign promise to "clean up the mess in Frankfort" by the way he responded to the criminal investigation of political patronage in his administration. ...(Gov Fletcher)prevented the details of hiring decisions from becoming known through a blanket pardon he issued to all those involved other than himself, by taking the Fifth Amendment before a grand jury and by reaching an agreement to have his own misdemeanor charges dismissed."

Even though I don't support his decision to throw his support to RHINO Annie, I must admit that Lt. Steve Pence may be the last of a dying breed of politician. He has said he will not resign. He is principled enough to know that when there is something rotten in a government you must loudly and constantly expose it and not let the members of the royal court dissuade you or try to shut you up. Come to think of it, we could use a few more like Lt. Pence in politics today. Just a few more....


Steve Manning said...
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Steve Manning said...

Steve Manning said...
Fletcher supporters on conservative blogs are always whining about Northup's alleged personal attacks which are nothing more than statements of fact!However they find nothing wrong with derogatory references to Anne Northup as Raggedy Annie,RINO Annie and a "former math teacher and Ford Motor Co. clerk".

Northup's record as a true conservative cannot be questioned.

It is embarrassing when a Republican Governor fails to show up at a Republican fundraiser in Louisville,attended by a Republican President! Perhaps Fletcher has become such an embarrassment and pariah that he was not invited or welcome!

Fletcher cannot run away from his abysmal record and shameful conduct!Our party cannot afford to renominate a man who cannot and should NOT be re-elected!
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