Friday, March 23, 2007

Who’s Endorsing Northup? Speculation Abounds…

From On the Mark:

The former Personnel Cabinet Secretary for Governor Fletcher will be endorsing the candidacy of one of Fletcher's opponents on thursday.

From NKY Politics:

Sources down state and in NKY say former Fletcher cabinet member Erwin Roberts will endorse Anne Northup Thursday in the governor's race. Here is what Gov. Fletcher said about Roberts, the former personnel secretary, when he left the cabinet in July:

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Pat Crowley seems to think it will be Erwin Roberts endorsing Northup/Hoover tomorrow. He has "people" and "sources," so it looks likely that I was right in leaning toward Roberts earlier today. You could tell by the way Hall tried to preempt the endorsement by writing it off as meaningless, just as all the Fletcher supporters have done for the entire campaign on all the endorsements. We'll find out for sure tomorrow.

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Brett Hall thinks the ex-Fletcher administration official is either ex-GOP Chair Darrel Brock or ex-Personnel Secretary Erwin Roberts. Brock resigned as GOP chairman last month and once served as Commissioner for G.O.L.D. Roberts, on the other hand, used to be Fletcher's Personnel Secretary. I thought Brock already endorsed Northup/Hoover last week, so I'm leaning towards Roberts. I called Roberts' office and his secretary told me that he will not be in the office tomorrow.

From KY Progress:

Another press conference tomorrow promises to have another big-name Republican endorse Anne Northup for Governor. I'm guessing it will be former Commerce Secretary Jim Host, but it doesn't really matter. The Anyone But Ernie crowd has taken their shot, but it is about time to admit that it hasn't worked and that the conservative thing to do is get behind Governor Fletcher and push on through to November. I say this as one who was sympathetic to the idea of changing horses in this primary.

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