Thursday, April 5, 2007

Conservative Edge Smokes Northup

Reports of the Northup surge were premature

I have been posting stories written by Brett Hall, Thomas Jefferson, and various mainstream media reporters regarding anecdotal evidence that Governor Fletcher has been doing well of late, while Northup has not. Northup supporters responded by attacking my credibility and the credibility of Brett Hall. I was assured loudly and vociferously by the Northup gang, that in fact just the opposite was happening. But yesterdays poll numbers from Survey USA tend to support the stories by Hall, et. al.

And tend to discredit the Northup camp. All of which I was prepared to ignore. Except that in reading comments on other sites today, I have found that the Northup gang has continued to sully my reputation, and call my credibility into question. You do have to admire the Northup people for their chutzpah. Or maybe they thought no one was reading their work on other sites.

When Northup criticizes Fletcher like this, she criticizes every GOP leader

Anne Northup has become so desperate that she has resorted to the type of criticism of Fletcher, that unwittingly condemns the entire GOP leadership in the state. At issue is the state of dis repair of Kentucky's universities. Northup attempts to lay the blame at Governor Fletcher's feet. But in reality, if blame is to be placed, it also rests with Northup herself. She was a member of the federal delegation for 12 years.

Years in which the universities fell behind. She was part of the state legislature, during years in which our universities fell behind. In addition, Northup has unwittingly implicated the Senate President, the Senate Majority, the House Minority Leader the House Minority, four GOP congressmen and two U.S. Senators, just on the Republican side. Each could have done more to make our universities better.

After all, the universities haven't fallen behind in the last three and a half years. And had there been such a need David Williams or Jeff Hoover could have brought the subject up with the General Assembly. After all, it is the House of Representatives job to initiate budget bills and spending. Northup seems intent on tearing apart the GOP, if she can't win the primary. It's no wonder her fund rasing is aenemic and her polling numbers down 21% from her January high.

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