Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Con Edge Crosses Parties, Bases Northup

Governor Fletcher should send a bouquet of roses to Jonathan Miller. At his press conference today, announcing that he was dropping his bid for Governor, Miller drove a stake through the heart of Anne Northup's reason for running for Governor. Here's what Miller had to say: But the odds are, if I stayed in the race, there is a real possibility that the Democratic primary would produce a nominee who was unelectable in the fall.

A nominee whose baggage would be picked apart and exploited by the Fletcher media machine. The reality of the situation is that there is a likely possibility that no matter who wins the Democratic nomination, that person will not win the election.

The very fact that Miller acknowledges that Governor Fletcher is not "unelectable" as Anne Northup and her supporters insist, is huge. For more than a year, the Democratic establishment has tried to finish off Governor Fletcher through death by a thousand cuts.

Now, with two weeks to go until the primary, one of the Democratic establishment stalwarts admits that at least one of the top Democratic nominees will have great difficulty beating the Governor. It's a tacit admission that only one Democrat has a real shot, because Lunsford and Henry have all kinds of baggage, and no one else has a chance besides those two and Beshear. It will be interesting to see the Northup reaction.

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