Thursday, May 10, 2007

Obviously Troubled, Fletcher Approved

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

The school council at Clinton County High has recommended the disgraced former superintendent to become the next girls’ basketball coach, ensuring that Sam Gibson will get the job.

Superintendent Mickey McFall said a letter of intent to hire would go out to Gibson, who will make about $7,000 a year. "The council has spent a lot of time on this, and they’ve given me a recommendation that they think is the best one," McFall said. "I respect the council’s members, and if they say he’s the best person for that job then I respect that."

Clinton County High School Principal William David Warriner referred all calls to the superintendent. Gibson’s home phone is unlisted. He was suspended from his job in 2002 for having sex with a co-worker on school property, and then indicted for forging expense receipts related to the affair. He later resigned as part of a court order that also dismissed the charges against him. However, Warriner said Monday that Gibson had coached some teams to state championships when he lived in Tennessee.

One parent said the public would not be pleased. "I think they’re insane," said Sherry McWhorter, who has three children in Clinton County schools. "Parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to him, they don’t want those kind of morals to be taught to them."

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