Thursday, May 10, 2007

Northup Ridicules… Running Mate

From Conservative Edge:

As the Northup campaign and her supporters continue to carp about state tax funds being distributed to the counties by Governor Fletcher, they should realize that they are setting an impossibly high bar for Ms. Northup were she able to beat the long odds and become Governor this November. That's because the state has to distribute gasoline taxes back to the counties for road work. That is the whole point of the gasoline taxes.

If Northup is truly serious about stopping this practice, she is going to have to change the law. I'd bet that were she to campaign on a platform of doing away with tax money for road improvements in the counties, her approval ratings would drop to the single digits. That's because one of the basic functions of government is to provide adequate roadways for the citizens. Jeff Hoover knows this.

We'd suggest that if Ms. Northup is truly serious about stopping the practice, she should just come out and say so. A little criticism for her running mate, House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover would also be in order, since he is a member of the body that passes the budget that contains this tax money.

Then we would recommed that Jeff Hoover announce that he will prefile a bill ending the use of gasoline taxes for road improvements in the counties. We'd also expect Hoover to introduce reform legislation, and apolgize for allowing the practice, that his running mate complains of, to be put into law on his watch.

In the meantime, calling Governor Fletcher unethical for following the law is tiresome. Unfortunately for Governor Fletcher, the state's liberal media has no desire to call out Northup on her stance.

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