Friday, May 11, 2007

Fletcher Discloses Tax History… Now?

Fletcher releases tax returns? This maneuver seemed forced. Why? Because, this maneuver was forced. Obviously, Fletcher is desperate. This release was his last gasp. This release was pathetic.

From Pol Watchers:

Gov. Ernie Fletcher released his 2006 state and federal income tax returns today and called on opponents Anne Northup and Billy Harper to do the same. "They are self-funding a significant portion of their campaign activity and the voters deserve to see where this money is coming from," said Marty Ryall, Fletcher's campaign manager.

Spokesmen for Northup and Harper were not immediately available for comment. Harper, a Paducah construction company owner, has spent at least $4.9 million on his bid for governor, while Northup, a former congresswoman from Louisville, has put $500,000 into her campaign. Fletcher's tax returns show he paid $12,049 to the federal government and $4,819 to the state. He had income of $124,118 last year, including $119,703 from the state. Most of the remaining income came when Fletcher sold shares of Neuberger Berman for $10,862 on April 24. He profited $2,344.

After itemized deductions of $40,426, his federal taxable income was $77,092. Fletcher's deductions included $18,728 for interest paid on a home mortgage and $9,767 in charitable donations. Fletcher and the First Lady, Glenna, are expecting a $9,067 refund from the federal government and a $1,856 refund from the state.

Michael Clingaman, Northup's campaign manager, has released this statement: “If I had an unethical secret legal defense fund like Ernie Fletcher does, I would also desperately try and change the subject. Anne and Woody’s tax returns would reveal proprietary information concerning Woody’s business and therefore must be kept private. But Anne is interested in full disclosure, and has filled out the more extensive congressional disclosure forms. While Anne has done the right thing we continue to wait for Ernie Fletcher to disclose the names of those who donated to his secret legal fund.”

Harper will release his tax returns, said press secretary Sam Edelen. "It could take a couple of days to get it all together," he said.


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