Friday, May 11, 2007

Terrible Speak

From Elendil’s Journal:

Ok, I have seen this on two different sites now.

Fletcher is also failing to tell the full story when he says that Anne voted for a tax increase in 1990 while serving in the State House. The bill he’s referring to was legislation to reform Kentucky’s failing education system. Kentucky’s children deserve the best education opportunities possible. Only a desperate Ernie Fletcher would stoop so low as to make school reforms into a political charge.

For me to swallow this spin, I have to believe two things: Tax increases are OK if the intentions are good. KERA was a positive change for Kentucky's kids.

What conservative in their right mind thinks KERA was a good idea? Are Northup supporters all of a sudden fans of KERA? People need to think before they blindly print campaign spin. Truth of the matter remains that KERA was Northup's worst vote in here entire political career. You can't just spin that away.

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